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In the Netherlands all tattooshops need to be checked by the health inspection department (GGD) to get a license before you can open a shop.  It's very important that we work according to these strict rules to not get any  cross-contamination and protect the customer and the tattooist for diseases. 

The application of a tattoo will be with ink and needles, pigment substances will be applied under the skin.  This makes a permanent image for life.  The VWA in the Netherlands controles the inks and pigments who have strickt requirements.  Before the tattoo is applied the skin is disinfected, shaved with a new disposable razor and cleaned.  The needle used for tattooing is new and comes out of a sterile package without touching from bare hands.  The tattoo artist is required  to ware clean nitrile gloves at all times, whenever there is a risk for cross-contamination the gloves need to be replaced by new ones.

The ink that is used is sterile and should be applied in small cups and only used for one customer.  The ink, gloves and tissues used for cleaning the tattoo are discarded immediatly after use.  Afterwards the tattooed skin is dressed and covered.


If you suffer from any of these health problems  the Public Health Service recommends you not to get tattooed.
- Immune disorder

- Diabetes

- Contact allergy

- Hemophilia

- Chronic skin disease

- Contact allergy

- Cardiovascular disorders

- The use of anticoagulants

- In places where you have had plastic surgery or  radiotherapy
- In places where bumps, dark moles, swellings or other forms of irritation in your body occur


If you are pregnant applying a tattoo is discouraged.

Make sure you are well rested, relaxed, have eaten good and make the tattoo artist aware of things that you think they are important,  like  sickness, allergies, treatment of a dermatologist, medication or hypersensitivity reactions.


During the application of the tattoo you should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


A fresh tattoo is a wound and it takes time and care to heal.

The wound heals with proper care after 4 to 6 weeks, you will get instructions from the artist how to take care of your tattoo or read more about how to take care of your fresh tattoo at the aftercare page.











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