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Blackinktatau  is a private studio and it's not possible to walk in,  this way i can work with more attention and privacy for my customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

My studio  has a licence approved by GGD (Community Health Services) and i only use products who are approved and tested by the NVWA (Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority).

Before you send me a mail please read all the info on my website and use the contact  form or send a mail to

I need to know all info about what kind of style tattoo you want (Samoan, Marquesan, Maori, Borneo/Iban, Haida,  abstract, scratchy, figurative, colour or black and white?).

Also think about "where do you want this tattoo and what size?".

Check out my work and others that gives you a impression of what is possible.  Send or bring images of work what you like that helps me to get a better idea and understanding of what you want.


I make custom designs based on what the customer wants and only in my own style.  I will never tattoo designs from the internet or made by and for other people.

Tattoos are very personal, specially traditional inspired tribal work have patterns with meaning who are designed and customized for the customer with their story and will only be tattood once so you are sure of an original tattoo. 

It's disrespectful and considered bad luck if you copy and walk arround with a tattoo from someone else!


After we have contact by mail we make an appointment  to pass by the studio,  it's very important for me that we first meet and talk with each other so there is a good connection and vibe before we proceed.  When everything is clear we can book in a session and make a rough sketch on the body to find the right shape and flow.  A couple of day's before the tattoo session i will send you the design by mail if we discussed that.   Meanings of the patterns you will get when the tattoo is finished. 

When i book in an appointment i charge a deposit of 200,- euro, my hour rate is 200,- euro, the deposit will be taken of the total price when we are finished.

I Always spent a lot of time connecting with my  customers, making sure you really want to make an appointment, brainstorming, drawing and designing. Therefore  deposit's are not refundable!

Same as when you do not show up, cancel a appointment whatever reason, or when i have made more than a couple of designs and you don't like it.

Please keep in mind that i have a waiting list. Check out the news page to see when my agenda is open for new customers to book in.

I do touch-ups for free within 3 months after the healing process, if you come later for a touch-up  i will charge you.


There are 3 ways how i work; Freehand, stencil  or a mix of both depending on what you want.

Freehand means that i draw with a pencil straight on the skin and after we approve the design we start tattooing.

With a stencil i make  a design based on the info  and sketchings we made on the body from the first appointment and  i will show you the design before the appointment.  Small tattoos can be done in 1 session, bigger work depending on size will take more sessions.

It is hard to estimate how long and how much the tattoo is going to cost, this is because every skin is different and if i tattoo you for the first time i need to get used to your skin to see and feel how it works, this is the reason i charge an hour price.

I do my best to make a beautiful  design for you and don't forget: 'Tattooing is handwork we are not printers'.


When people come to me for a tattoo i need your trust. 

I have studied several styles for many years and i have the knowledge of patterns and flow of a design on the body.


There are some things i don't do, finish or tidy up other artists work.  I do cover-ups, when they are light and old there are more possibilities.  When i need to cover-up darker tattoos i can only cover it by using a lot of black.  I don't tattoo, hands,  fingers, neck, face and head if you are not fully tattooed, also pregnant woman.  The minimal age to get tattooed at my studio is 18 years.

Payments by bank to:  I.Kampman

NL15 RABO 0356 3418 95 - please note your full name.








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