Dear friends,

We are in the second lockdown and it's extended till the 9th of februari.

let's see how it goes from there and contact me after this date to book in an new appointment.

Keep in mind that i have had many cancellations and still are booked full for some months, that means that i have to catch up cancellations from the first and second wave of the lockdowns and all the canecellations of people who where sick.

When making a new appointment i can put you in on a empty spot (those are very rare) or we make a new appointment at the end of the list again so please be patient i can only do as much as i can.

My studio is in my house and because my wife is sick and part of that risk group, for this I will take extra measures to protect you, myself and my family to make sure that we can work on a safe way.

We stick to the rules of the GGD, RIVM and some extra personal rules:

To cancel or make a new appointment when:

# You are not healthy, have a cold, flew, temperature, coughing, diarrhea etc.

# When there is a family member, or someone living in the same house with these symptoms.
# You had contact with someone that had the virus or have had it yourself.
# You have been to another country recently or you are a customer from another country and the travel advice. says you're going home in quarantaine.

# If you have had CORONA than you must have a negative test result after you are better again to enter my home.
#We will make a new appointment in the future when things are safe.


*I have a Non-Contact infrared digital forehead thermo meter to check your temperature.

*Bring your own face mask, I have a few here to use for free but they are limited!
*Take care of your personal hygiene and wear clean clothes.
* Don’t come with public transport, if you have no transport arrange someone that can bring you, so come with your own transport.
*Come alone, don't bring your kids, wife and friends with you.
*Wash your hand by entrance and after use of the toilet.
*If I don’t trust it or suspect you are sick or any of these rules are not be taken serious I wil send you back home and we make a new appointment.
*Minimize contact, no hugging and handshaking (sorry we do that another day again).
*Don’t touch things in my studio you don’t need to.
*Bring your own drinks and food I don’t serve tea and coffee.

I will do a lot of extra things to keep the hygiene in the studio safe.
For example I use extra virus killers and other products to clean before and after tattooing, wear extra protection like masks for me and you, plastic aprons and plastic face shield if needed.
I tattoo and talk to only 1 person a day to minimize risks, don't bring your family, kids or anyone with you.
If you  cancel your appointment due to this virus that is no problem just cancel your appointment and i we will make a new one and book you in on a new date later in the year or whenever you are ready again and it's save again.
I will not pay back any deposits for the same reasons as before the virus, info about this you can find on my website at the info page.
I will hold the deposit for you till you make a new appointment.
And please let’s be kind, patient and flexible cause we are all effected in this storm just different using different boats and we need to sail this out on a healthy and safe way to make it work.

Hope to see you all soon, take care cheers Igor.