COVID-19 rules

October 03, 2020

Dear customers and friends,

My studio is in my house and because my wife is sick, she is part of that risk group, for this I will take extra measures to protect you, myself and my family to make sure that we can work on a safe way.
This means that we need to create some extra rules:

*Make a new appointment if:

# You are not healthy, have a cold, flew, temperature, coughing, diarrhea etc.

# When there is a family member, or someone living in the same house with these symptoms.
# You had contact with someone that had the virus or have had it yourself.
# You have been to another country recently or you are a customer from another country and the travel advice. says you're going home in quarantaine.

# If you have had CORONA than you must have a negative test result after you are better again to enter my home.
#We will make a new appointment in the future when things are safe.


*I have a Non-Contact infrared digital forehead thermo meter to check your temperature.
*Bring your own face mask, I have a few here to use for free but they are limited!
*Take care of your personal hygiene and wear clean clothes.
* Don’t come with public transport, if you have no transport arrange someone that can bring you, so come with your own transport.
*Come alone, don't bring your kids, wife and friends with you.
*Wash your hand by entrance and after use of the toilet.
*If I don’t trust it or suspect you are sick or any of these rules are not be taken serious I wil send you back home and we make a new appointment.
*Minimize contact, no hugging and handshaking (sorry we do that another day again).
*Don’t touch things in my studio you don’t need to.
*Bring your own drinks and food I don’t serve tea and coffee.

I will do a lot of extra things off hygiene in the studio to keep it safe.
For example I use extra virus killers and other products to clean before and after tattooing, wear extra protection like masks for me and you, plastic aprons and plastic face shield if needed.
I tattoo only 1 person a day to minimize risks, don't bring your family, kids or anyone with you.
If you  cancel your appointment due to this Covid19 that is no problem just cancel your appointment and i
will book you in on a new date later in the year or whenever you are ready again.
I will not pay back any deposits for the same reasons as before the virus, info about this you can find on my website.
I will hold the deposit for you till you make a new appointment.
And please let’s be kind, we are all in this same storm just different boats and we need to sail this out on a healthy and safe way to make it work.

Hope to see you all soon, take care cheers Igor.


Tatau Awards interview

January 24, 2018

Go and check out my interview on the Tatau Awards website - see link below.

Artist of the year by jury

January 21, 2018

Artist of the year 2017/2018 by jury - Tatau Awards - place 22 out of 152 nominees.

Thanx to the customers for their trust and thanx to all colleges/tribal tattooists who voted on me!

5th place Artist of the Year

January 17, 2018

Out of the 152 nominees of the best Polynesian tattooers i got on the 5th place for the Artist of the year 2017 voted by the public.

Greatful to all who voted, my clients and not to forget Phil Tahititatou who runs the Tatau Awards and created a worldwide platform for Polynesian tribal tattooers.

Back to the roots

This year i will start making hand poked tattoos with ancient patterns from the past.

This will be done with needles on a stick and the inked will be pushed in by hand.

This process is less traumatic for the skin and will take longer than by machine.

Tattooing like this goes back to the roots of tattooing and will be a spiritual process.

If you would like to get a custom design with ancient patterns (no mandala's or other geometric tessellations) please use the contact form or send me a mail and we will make it work.

One love Igor Kampman

1 minute film

September 25, 2017

Short film about me and my studio - made by Stijnstijl photographer/filmmaker.

Pacific Island Festival Europe


September 02, 2017

Last few months were great, after my thumb accident it took  me a couple of months to catch up on all customers so thanx for the patience and understanding!

We had some good fun at the Pacific International Festival Europe that was this year in Assen in the Netherlands.

Together with some friends wee enjoyed to meet al people from different islands and the performances and market.

Great to meet other fellow tattoo artist who came to visit and see them live and kicking, thanx for passing by guys;)

Me and my family stayed in the woods and camped out with some friend while the festival was there, after we had a good brake for some weeks and hang out on the Northern beach of Dutch island Texel.

Now back in the studio relaxed and reloaded, i have a lot of new ideas and inspiration.

My agenda is full for about 9 months at the moment with some spare dates open so contact me if you would like to get some fresh ink.

Take care Igor

Travel stories

Rob Deut and Taku Oshima passed by to say hello, talk, share stories and knowledge, thanx guys great to hang out and meet!

Artist of the year 3th place

January 22, 2017

A great honour and thankfull to my customers to get ink from me and the jury's to be part in the list of international competition for the Artists + Public’s Choice 3th place - best Tatau Artists of the year 2016/2017.

A great start of the new year and  a reminder that when you push it, focus, work hard, be respectfull and humble you can only get better;)

A small view in my life

October 09, 2016

Mini docu on dutch television about my family and our house.

International Tatau awards july/september

September 14, 2016

The Tatau awards - Artist's choice selected me on the 4th place of best international traditional tribal work.

I want to thank the Tatau awards and artists all over the world to vote on my work, this will inspire  to work harder day by day and create beautiful polynesian tattoos!

Tatau of the month award

July 05, 2016

I am proud to say that i have won the international competition for the best Tatau artists award of june-april for the  best Marquesan influenced sleeve tattoo.

Great to be surrounded by so many good artist all over the world and i want to thank Phil Tahititatou for all his hard work and connecting people.

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